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Psychologist Italy – Doctor Cristina Di Loreto therapist in Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Your brief strategic therapist in Florence
My office is located in Via XX Settembre 122, in Florence. You can ask for appointment by writing me or just calling me at +39 3280328188.
The moment you decide to call a Psychologist is usually difficult and full of questions and doubts.
In this page I would like to make things clear.
In Italy to become Psychologist you have to take a 5 years degree, to attend a training of one year and only after that you can do a Statal Exam.
If you pass the Exam, you can have your license and ask for your number on the register of Psychologists of the italian region where you practice.
 To become Psychotherapist you have to attend a 4 years Specialization School, I am now Psychologist and Psychotherapist specialized in Brief Strategic Terapy.
Child psychologist Italy
Why you should ask for help?
Reasons can be a lot, first question is “Are you satisfied of your life? Are you feeling confortable with you, others, the world?”
You may ask help for:
– Relational’s difficulties;
– School problems,
– Anxious Sympthoms;
– Phobies;
– Bereavement
-The End of a relationship
– traumas,
– Difficult with your self,
– Obsessive thinking
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
– Eating disorders
– Depression
– Panic Attack
– Decision Making
– Homesickness
– Low Self- Estime
Child psychologist Italy
You could  also have other needs or desires, theese are only examples.
You could ask help even to be and feel more self-confident or to take a difficult decision…
Together we will define objectives and goals to reach, we will work on them and if the difficult is not of my competence I will suggest you the name of different collegues to ask for a different help.
Child psychologist Italy
In my clinical practice I use the Brief Strategic Model® created by Paul Watzlawick and developed by Giorgio Nardone that, in the last 30 years, has created more than 30 different interventions protocols for the most known and disabling psychological diseases.
I have the honor to be one of the selected Psychotherapists of the Centre of Brief Strategic Therapy, that allows me to take part to the monthly clinical supervision with Giorgio Nardone and all the affiliates therapists of the CTS; this is a real warranty for me and my clients.

Psychologist Italy